Saturday, January 7, 2012

LM6UU Bearing Holder Upgrade

The Y-axis bearing holders supplied by eMAKER have a design flaw. They require wood screws, but tightening the wood screws sufficiently would cause the holders to crack(shown above in white ABS). Even if they didn't crack, the screws would strip out the hole. After about four hours of printing parts last night, I noticed that all of the screws had fallen out of one of the bearing holders, which was dangling freely. A quick check revealed that the other three were all close to falling off, with only one or two screws left. So I opened up Inventor and drew up some new bearing holders that can be attached with small zip-ties. Then, I gently attached the faulty bearing holder back onto the machine and prayed it would survive one more print. The pictures should be self-explanatory.

They look a little sloppy, but remember that these are tiny and they were printed with a crippled machine.
After tightening the zip-ties with a pair of pliers, these things are rock solid.
Advantages of my upgrade:
-part count remains the same or is reduced
-easier installation
-won't fail under regular use
-uses less printing material
-no overhangs; easier to print

Plus it only required one iteration.

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