Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Better Zombie Bunker

To kick off Season 4 of The Walking Dead, I decided to do a little engineering exercise to design a better zombie "bunker". 

- Doesn't require occupants to remain quiet.
- Continuously destroys zombies without using extra resources or labor.
- Easier to manufacture than underground bunkers.
- Scaleable: greenhouse or extra living quarters can be installed adjacent to preceding structures.
- Occupants do not suffer psychological effects of living underground.
- If lights are kept on, the bunker continues to dispose of zombies after occupants pass away or leave.
- Bodies cannot pile up around the structure as with a traditional fortified structure.
- Sanitary: occupant waste can be dumped directly into river below.
- Spacious: extra ceiling height is not as expensive as with an underground bunker.

- Still requires heavy machinery to install.
- Occupants hear the constant moans of zombies outside.
- Still requires greenhouse and/or outside source for food.
- Fresh water must be pumped or lifted from upriver.
- Difficult to install with zombies present.
- Possible harmonic oscillation in high winds.
- Becomes less effective at zombie disposal after all light bulbs burn out.

Additional ideas:
- Add windmill, wind chimes, or other wind-activated devices to attract zombies after lights burn out.
- Add skylights and 2-way mirrors so that occupants don't have to see zombies, but still get sunlight.
- Zipline?

What do you think?


  1. good idea but why not add pillars, removing the need for a second cliff and strengthening the support of the bunker.

    1. Those would be some really tall pillars.

  2. Don't you think, that it's safer to place the house on one concrete pole in the middle of the river?
    i believe, the ropes won't last long...

    1. It would be better, but pouring that amount of concrete would be way more expensive and difficult than using the steel cables. Plus, you would have to anchor the base very deep beneath the river. I think a steel structure would work, such as that of a tower crane.

  3. It seems like a good idea at first sight, however I'm not sure that the fall would destroy zeds or just make them less mobile, I would hate to try to cross a river only to find a metric f*ckton of Z lying dormant under the silt as grabbers.